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We have a complete solution, from concept to full cicle development, bringing your game to life from the scratch. Our team will take care of the challenges, and together we'll create great games.


Art Production

Bring life to your creations with the support of our team. From concept to complete 3D stages, we work as one team. We create art assets together. Our goal is to deliver emotion!



The only partner you need to port your game. Take your IP to new players worldwide with our cross-discipline team support. We deliver the full functionality, wherever your costumer wants to play.


New geneation of platforms

We offer Creation, Development and Live Ops for Roblox and Fortnite. Our team, with AAA quality, is the best parner for a metaverse experience to a new generation of fans and platforms, with proven authority.

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We are here to support you with Co-Development, Art Production, Porting and New Generation of Plataforms. Count with us in every step of the way, from concept to release. For Kokku, every challenge is Impossible until done.

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